For example, if you combine alcohol and Keppra, you could impair your judgment and thinking and experience extreme dizziness, drowsiness, and problems with concentration. Levetiracetam, sold under the Keppra brand name, is a medication used to treat epilepsy. It is used for partial-onset, myoclonic, or tonic–clonic seizures and is taken either by mouth as an immediate or extended-release formulation or by injection into a vein. Trained Emergency Physician who has practiced for 15 years and also had guided alcohol and drug addiction programs for the past 20 years. While mixing Keppra and alcohol is not ideal, drinking it in moderation is generally considered safe.

One of the most serious risks of drinking alcohol while on Keppra is an increase in suicidal thoughts. Levetiracetam is an anticonvulsant, prescribed for partial seizures. It can be used alone or with other antiepileptic medications. is a referrer service that provides information about addiction treatment practitioners and facilities.

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Alcohol usually does not trigger seizures while the person is drinking. In small amounts, alcohol alcoholism and copd does not cause seizures. A drink or two now and then does not increase seizure activity.

keppra and alcohol

Reductions in the mean total OCDS, ASI Alcohol Composite scores, and the CGI scores suggest that levetiracetam may be effective for the treatment of alcohol dependence. Discontinuing Keppra can cause severe withdrawal symptoms once stopped suddenly. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse, help is available at our Northeast recovery center. While alcohol in moderation likely won’t lead to a seizure, heavy drinking or binge drinking can increase the risk of a seizure whether you’re taking an anticonvulsant medication or not. Treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome with benzodiazepines is limited by risk of abuse, intoxication, respiratory problems, and liver toxicity. Alternatives such as carbamazepine and valproate may also have safety problems, such as hepatotoxicity or central nervous adverse effects.

What Are the Risks of Alcohol and Anticonvulsants?

All my tests have come back negative and my doc has put me on 1500 mg of Keppra a day. It’s only been a couple weeks, but I’ve noticed that I get fatigued much quicker, I’ve lost my appetite, and my short term memory is shot. Are these the same side effects everyone else has?? Also, I’ve read all the medical forms on it and talked to the doc some, but does being on the meds mean that I need to cut out alcohol 100%? I don’t really drink a lot, but would occasionally like to still have wine every now and then, but I’m not sure if I should be concerned with any possible interactions. This was a 13 week-long open label trial with 1 week of screening, 10 weeks of treatment, and 2 weeks taper, with a final assessment in Week 13.

What drug can replace Keppra?

Levetiracetam has an average rating of 5.9 out of 10 from a total of 402 ratings on 44% of reviewers reported a positive effect, while 33% reported a negative effect. Diastat has an average rating of 8.5 out of 10 from a total of 2 ratings on

Because open-label studies cannot distinguish the impact of the medication from that of participants’ motivation to drink less, the study is not definitive. Although anticonvulsant drugs are not the most commonly abused, they can still be abused. Most individuals take Keppra to treat and manage seizures. However, some individuals on this medication may develop a substance abuse disorder. Some individuals have combined Keppra or other anticonvulsant medications with different medications to increase sedation. Some people have taken Keppra while drinking alcohol.

Keppra Detox Process

However, Keppra is sometimes used to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms like seizures. Someone who has become dependent on or addicted to an antiepileptic like Keppra should seek professional assistance. Prescription drug treatment programs are designed to medically support drug-dependent individuals who detox and experience Keppra detox withdrawal symptoms. Keppra is different from other drugs of abuse in that its risk of suicidal thoughts or actions of self-harm may have something to do with overdose rates and even fatalities. Hence, it is more hazardous when you mix Keppra and alcohol.

Does Keppra damage your liver?

Hepatotoxicity. Prospective studies reported that chronic levetiracetam therapy was not accompanied by significant elevations in serum aminotransferase levels and clinically apparent liver injury was not observed.

About 6 months ago i was rediagnosed with epilepsy and put on 1000mg of Keppra XR. Had really bad mood swings at the beginning and now they have subsided. I don’t drink often, but enjoy a girls night with a few drinks (2-3) every now and then. But ever since i started Keppra I can no longer tolerate alcohol. The night of is fine, but the day after I feel extremely hungover and I fall into a depression that lasts 3-4 days where I don’t even want to get out of bed to eat. A group of actively drinking alcohol-dependent individuals either significantly reduced their drinking or achieved abstinence with levetiracetam treatment.

Keppra Detox Withdrawal

It’s essential to understand how drinking alcohol can affect these other conditions for which you are taking anti-seizure medicine and then learn how to manage both. As rescue medication and the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms did not differ significantly between groups. Doctors and pharmacists are always warning people with epilepsy about alcohol. If you have epilepsy, drinking alcohol can have serious consequences. Most people with epilepsy are told to not drink, but that’s not always realistic. Worse, though, is the fact that many times after a night of heavy drinking , I’ll have a horrible headache the next morning and will have a seizure sometime in the late afternoon.

keppra and alcohol

Thus, people who have experienced seizures provoked by binge drinking may begin to experience unprovoked epilepsy seizures regardless of alcohol use. Hi, I’m 27 and had two grand mal seizures in the past month. I don’t remember anything and am pretty much out cold for 30 min afterwards, and disoriented for the remainder of the day.

Co-Occurring Integrated Treatment

The severity of Keppra detox makes it a process that should be approached carefully. During the first few days of taking Keppra, it’s best to stop drinking alcohol until you see how the medicine affects you. Continue to read more about the possible risks of mixing 30 days no alcohol what to expect, benefits & safety.

What happens if you drink alcohol while on Keppra?

Mixing Alcohol & Keppra

Both alcohol and Keppra affect the nervous system and they can heighten the side effects of each other. For example, if you were to combine alcohol and Keppra you could impair your judgment and thinking, and experience extreme dizziness, drowsiness, and problems with concentration.

Are you sure that the anger wasn’t a side effect that was increased due to your social drinking? I haven’t had a drink since I started Keppra, because my docs said ‘not at all’ to the idea, and I haven’t had any emotional/mood altering side effects at all. Carunchio I, Pieri M, Ciotti MT, Albo F, Zona C. Modulation of AMPA receptors in cultured cortical neurons induced by the antiepileptic drug levetiracetam. Positive for lifetime abnormal opioid use or prescription drug abuse.

An intent-to-treat analysis of the primary outcome measure, mean daily drinks consumed for baseline and each treatment week was conducted. Subjects were evaluable if they completed 2 or more weeks of the treatment phase and consumed alcohol during the baseline phase. Test whether the AccuswayTM platform can detect changes in body sway in light to moderate or heavy social drinkers and in subjects taking levetiracetam versus placebo. Obtain blood that will be banked for future genetic analysis of polymorphisms in genes that may predict the level of response to alcohol or effects of levetiracetam on alcohol consumption. Ibuprofen is not ‘addictive’ in the physical sense, but there can certainly be a psychological dependency risk when combined with other drugs or alcohol. Continue to read more about ibuprofen detox and safe treatment options.

  • While Keppra doesn’t have much of a potential for abuse or dependency, alcohol does.
  • If there are two or more unprovoked seizures at an interval of at least 24 hours, it is referred to as epilepsy.
  • Keppra toxicity symptoms may include extreme drowsiness, agitation, aggression, shallow breathing, weakness, or fainting.
  • The central nervous system is made up of numerous nerve cells that communicate through electrical signals.

Drinking is generally strongly advised against in patients who are taking Keppra. If you have a history of drinking or alcoholism, be sure to tell your doctor before taking any medications. Speaking of drug interactions, no, you cannot drink alcohol with Keppra. sober living communities in massachusetts both affect the central nervous system and can heighten each other’s side effects, making mild symptoms like fatigue or dizziness much more severe.

Efficacy Of Keppra

Keppra does not inhibit or induce hepatic enzymes; most of it is eliminated unchanged by the kidneys. Thus, the risk of hepatotoxicity is low because it is minimally protein bound and lacks metabolism by the liver. GI complaints, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, and dysphagia, were widespread in post-traumatic epileptic patients treated with AEDs for a long-time. Keppra headaches are one of its many side effects. All Alcoholrehabhelp content is medically reviewed or fact checked to ensure as much factual accuracy as possible.

keppra and alcohol

When you feel ready or just want someone to speak to about therapy alternatives to change your life call us. Even if we cannot assist you, we will lead you to wherever you can get support. When Keppra and alcohol are mixed, the medication can be less effective at treating seizure disorders.